• Allan Ferguson

    I became a Bruce & Monahan client while facing exceptional business challenges. Their team, led by Shawn, went above and beyond to work with my staff and address issues while drawing in outside resources when needed. My inquiries are always very well handled, and the team is always available to meet as needed. The team at Bruce & Monahan have played a pivotal role in our turnaround and have become a trusted and valued partner.

  • Nadine Chaulk ,

    BTT Services

    Shawn Monahan was the lead in helping us purchase BTT Services. He’s been very hands-on and extremely patient in helping us work out a price and the details of the sale. He liaised with our bank, made the difficult phone calls to get the ball rolling and really helped us to push this deal through to completion. In many ways, he’s been above and beyond what you’d expect from an accountant.

  • Chris Neville ,


    Bruce and Monahan is more than a full service accounting firm. I’ve worked with the firm, and specifically David Bruce for 6 years in numerous of my holdings ranging from Online Marketing, landscaping and snow removal, and they also have advised me on purchasing over 110 apartment units. They serve as my accountant, board of directors and friends along the way. From an execution standpoint in the field of accounting you can not get better. I wouldn’t be in the financial situation I am today without the guidance of Bruce and Monahan along the way.

  • Dr. Sjoerd Borst

    I have no hesitation recommending Bruce & Monahan – in fact I already have! I find Shawn to be warm and great at making a personal connection. At the same time, he is efficient, quick to reply and comprehensive. There are a lot of extra little touches that really come through with everyone I have spoken to. Knowing very little about accounting, I was never made to feel bad, nor do I feel my ignorance was ever taken advantage of.

  • John Newberry ,

    Equinox Controller & Accounting Services Inc.

    I am a Controller-for-hire, and in that capacity, have worked with David Bruce for over ten years serving joint clients. Additionally, David served as the volunteer finance chair for the 2009 Tall Ships Festival, one of my clients. David has been, without exception, engaged in the task at hand and has always provided practical and honest advice. I look forward to working with David for many years to come.

  • Dr. Alex Tan ,

    Halifax Vision Centre

    Halifax Vision Centre

    I’ve worked with David Bruce at Bruce & Monahan for the past five years for my ophthalmology practice. David has prepared corporate and personal tax returns for us and their firm also does our bookkeeping. Their work is accurate and prompt and they provide an excellent quality of service.

  • Ian Thompson

    David has been a terrific support to me. He is responsive and gets to the point—both of which are qualities of utmost importance to me. David is a great guy, just like his dad Alan.

  • Jim Brennan ,


    I’ve worked with Shawn Monahan for ten years; both as an employer and subsequently as a client of Bruce & Monahan’s. Shawn has an excellent understanding of the construction industry and how it works from an accounting perspective. He’s honest and reliable and runs a good operation.

  • Julie Streight and Natalie Dugie

    Working with Shawn and his team has been nothing short of exceptional. Shawn’s professionalism and extensive knowledge about our business needs are calming and reassuring. He takes the time to translate accounting jargon into laymen terms, ensuring we fully understand all the variables so we can make informed decisions about our business and its future. Shawn and his staff are quick to respond to any questions we may have and offer invaluable advice. With the help of this full-service accounting team, our business is set up for continued success. We do not hesitate to recommend Bruce & Monahan (and do so all the time!)

  • Frank King

    When I became a small business owner, I was referred to Shawn Monahan. He’s trustworthy, personable, professional, and responsive. I have relied on Shawn’s knowledge and advice concerning taxes, general accounting, and simply getting my small business started.

  • Jeff White ,

    Principal Kula Partners Inc

    Kula Partners

    Shawn Monahan isn’t just our accountant, he’s like a member of our team. We haven’t gotten him a kulapartners.com email address yet, but I’m sure it’s coming soon.

  • Larry Duggan ,

    Duggan Electric

    Like a lot of businesses, ours has a lot to keep track of. We count on Bruce and Monahan to provide the best possible advice to keep our financial house in order. Because they do what they do so well—with a personal touch and attention to detail—we are able to stay focused on what we do best. I would not hesitate to recommend Bruce & Monahan.

  • Mark Russell ,

    Psychologist Inc.

    After finding the work of my previous accounting firm less than adequate, David Bruce was recommended to me by a satisfied colleague. The contrast is striking. From my initial contact with David, he has been personable, very quick to respond to emails and telephone calls and proactive in determining if I have any concerns or questions. He spent time evaluating my specific circumstances and was quickly able to suggest a means for additional tax savings. Subsequently, my corporate taxes were completed efficiently and effectively. Based on my experience, I would not hesitate to recommend David Bruce.

  • Frank Mudge

    Mudge Engineering logo

    I’ve worked with Bruce and Monahan since the inception of my company in 2008. Shawn has provided me with first class service, and I have been able to focus on my work, knowing I have the very best knowledge and guidance available to me when I need it. I receive support on business planning issues and Shawn’s guidance has made me more successful. Their team works well together, and they make me feel like a valued client.

  • Nick Madore ,

    MVS Canada Logistics

    MVS Canada

    David Bruce and the whole team at Bruce and Monahan have always provided excellent advisement and services for me and for my company. Being a young entrepreneur with little time and limited accounting knowledge, David was paramount in helping me setup my business structure and accounting practices correctly from the beginning. I would recommend David and his team to anyone who is starting or has recently started a business. His effort and advice has allowed me to focus more of my time on growing my businesses.

  • JD Salvatore

    David is a trusted advisor to both our business and personal financial affairs. We have been a client of Bruce & Monahan Chartered Professional Accountants for over 18 years, and David’s guidance assists in our decision making and planning. He’s responsive to our requests and handles work in a timely and professional manner.

  • Sandra Oliver

    Dave coached my daughter Olivia’s hockey team during her first two years playing—first with the Dartmouth Whalers and then with Metro East Inferno. He was patient, kind, and fostered her love for the game. I trust Dave. He is reliable and professional. Dave embodies all the characteristics you look for in a great coach.

  • Matt MacInnis

    Running a business isn’t easy, so knowing that David is always available to discuss not only the numbers but all aspects of the business has been a huge asset. I would highly recommend David and his team at Bruce & Monahan.

  • David Burnett ,

    Trecan Combustion

    Trecan Combustion

    David Bruce has worked with Trecan Combustion preparing our annual statements among other accounting activities. He responds quickly and provides strategic advice and helps answer all of those questions that come up in the run of a year.

  • Wil Melnyk ,

    Uniform Works

    Uniform Works

    I would enthusiastically recommend David Bruce of Bruce Monahan to businesses looking for an accountant who offers more than just a once a year service. David is not only available when I need him; many times he is the one to contact me, to make sure all of my needs are not only met, but surpassed.