Accounting Services

One-on-one attention from a partner

Meaningful and relevant financial information helps ensure that your business runs efficiently and cost-effectively. By truly understanding your business and industry, we are able to provide you with sound, strategic advice so you can make strong business decisions. We take the time to help you interpret your financial results so that you understand what they mean and how they are impacting your business.

Proactive approach and timely service

Accounting is not simply a year-end task for us. We encourage communication and planning throughout the year to better maximize business opportunities and minimize taxes. We help you assess your accounting needs so that you get only those services you need to help you operate your business. We provide two types of financial reporting:

  • Compilation Engagement: Financial statements prepared primarily for internal use.
  • Review Engagement: Financial statements prepared primarily for a third party such as a bank or other lender.

Compilation Engagement

Helping you see the big picture

You know how much money you have in the bank, and how much you owe. You even know how much inventory you have. But nothing will help you see the big picture better than professionally prepared financial statements, assembled based on the information you provide.

Peace of mind

From your statements, we can help you interpret your numbers so you can clearly see how well your business is doing. We can also help you identify any issues, and provide solutions and strategies to help you maximize opportunities and save taxes.

For professionally prepared financial reports and creative strategies, contact Bruce & Monahan.

Review Engagement

Adding credibility to your numbers

To keep a credit facility or acquire more debt, often your lender or bonding company will require review engagement financial statements. We can eliminate any ambiguity that might exist and add credibility to your numbers by reviewing them to ensure they meet current accounting standards.

Providing an extra level of comfort

With a review, we take an in-depth look at your numbers as well as your business. As a result, we are able to identify more areas for improvement and can offer highly tailored financial advice, giving you the opportunity to save more money.

For the added credibility that a third party gets from seeing our stamp on your statements, contact Bruce & Monahan.